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"I want to be where the people are"

As I was listening to her sweet little voice I was asking my dad the same questions as he is exploring a "shore up above" in full spirit body and I, wishing I could "be part of his world" now.. Every day I ask my dad, " Where are you?" and " What do you feel where you're at?". I really miss this opportunity to ask my dad questions and him " give me his answers" because I feel now he "knows". He is the "all -knowing vibration as his Spirit self now. He sends us what we've nicknamed " yellow balloons " signs. These signs are communication from him from " above". A world we long to visit so we can see him again and a world we fear because " look at these things, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you say my collections complete? Sure, She's got everything...." "What's a fire and why does it, what's the word?, burn". I hear myself singing every word with this little girl. I loved the movie so much when I was a tween and played my vhs in rewind every time it came to this part of the movie.. The Little Mermaid is in a cavern filled with things that to her society are feared and to her look amazing and new. I loved how she saw her world and the possibilties of what's above. I love how she dreamed what looked to be impossible as possible. My dad had a conversation with me on the north shores of our yearly family gathering that I will never forget.. His words seemingly simple and to me profound. He sat with me at the end of dock and said, " Look, see down there ( a view of the lakes longest path with beauty), that's all for you, all of this was created for you. You are a part of what created it. What do you want? It's all yours." The brilliance in what I know from what he said is that we are all part of this grand design and that we are creation manifested by allowing ourselves to see, feel and witness our grand design. My father connected fully with love and gratitude to all the possibilties our Creator gave him. He chose to trust and listen and act. He chose to love, honor and protect my mom, us kids and Mother Earth because he felt the vision and made it possible. He chose to share his vision and live within his trust for it. So many paths and he chose trust, gratitude and love. He said those words to me at the end of the dock when he heard from me "I have lost how to trust". I feel I found how to "

see them dancing, walking around on those, what are they called again? Oh, feeeeeeeet."

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