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Pre-orders welcome! Tourmaline Infused Kantha Wrap

Pre-orders welcome! Tourmaline Infused Kantha Wrap


One of a kind and limited quantity of this color and style! Kantha is a very beautiful and unique quilted fabric. All wraps will be the same colors but just a little different style.

Benefits of tourmaline kantha wraps! Studies have shown that the increased incidence of chronic disease is directly related to levels of toxicity in the body. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that has the ability to generate far infrared energy and negative ions, which aid in relieving stress, improving circulation and strengthening the immune system.

Nano-particles are the smallest sized particles that can be produced by today's technology. 'Nano' means a billionth, so a nano-meter is a billionth of a meter. The smaller the particle, the greater the surface area is and the amount of the infrared energy. Our proprietary nano-infusion process, bonds particles onto the fibers, becoming part of the fabric. They will not wash off. As long as the fabric is in good shape, the tourmaline nano-particles will continue to produce the benefits of negative ions & far infrared energy.

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