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Amber McCornack
~Owner and Founder of HeartWaves Studio~

The name " HeartWaves" came to me after one of the most blissful meditations I've ever experienced.  I truly felt my spirit body and witnessed my light from light that exists between us always... What surprised me came after.. As I was driving home from my experience I was overwhelmed with doubt about life's existence, purpose and the ultimate question to me " why are we here?".  Amazing how fear creeps in so easily after I felt so much love and trust!     I pulled my car over because of tears blocking my view and stopped, I mean, really stopped. I looked up into the cloud filled, grey sky and shouted "Do you hear me?! , Why are we here?! If you, whoever you are, hear me, I want to know!" That's when I saw it. The clouds shifting, my heart opening again and the perfect blue heart was shown to me in the vast grey sky!! I mean PERFECT! I cried with joy and laughed with my tears because I was reminded how easily I doubt and how easily I'm given Love!   Even though I was doubting, even though I was crying my fears, even though I felt helpless wonder, I ASKED on my heart prayer for guidance... Ask and you shall recieve, see what you're looking at with an open heart. Deep inside we are all Love and how we choose to express is celebrated with waves.. Our love ripples out in so many ways and I'm here to hold space for it. "Love is our map" and love is always guiding us.     I, Amber,  opened HeartWaves Studio in October of 2008. HeartWaves Studio is open for class sessions, events and by appointment. HeartWaves Studio opened with the intention to help the community learn, grow, explore, witness, experience, share and love what feels good to you. Your story is powerful!   At HeartWaves Studio we help you listen to your bodies voice and find modalities that your whole body feels joy in. What do you want for your body, mind, spirit and emotions? When you become aware of your bodies voice, healing can begin. Did you know you are your own healing tool? The body is miraculous at healing itself! The body will never lie. When you experience the true vibration of your hearts voice, those “HeartWaves” ripple out into the world creating harmony. HeartWaves Studio is full of playfulness, fun, peace, serenity, and lots of soft, deep breaths. Be like a child as they are the essence of the Divine. I invite you to explore the modalities on this site and listen to your hearts true calling.. What modality is calling for you to come explore and feel the peace ripples? For now, listen to your heart and enjoy the rest of the site! Dreaming in possibility!

"Love is our map."




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