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HeartWaves is a vibration of Love that is inherited to every One! The heart is the center of you, your unique drum and the love you are gifted with. The intention of "Love Is Our Map" is to help you remember the Love that you are inherited with and to help you Trust what you FEEL.  The map to Joy and Love is in you!  "Your heart is as wide as the universe" ~  Mike McCornack  (my Dad)

HeartWaves is a welcoming Well-Being studio that understands the uniqueness of each ones heart and their Love map. Healing movement along with loving your body right now, right where you are is one of the many encouraging desires I have for you.  We invite you to come and explore our space!  Your space....


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Located in historic downtown Albert Lea


105 N Broadway Ave

Albert Lea, MN, 56007


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