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yes, gratitude, and this sweet beginning

and so it begins, I watched this video about a year ago. Since then, my father has journeyed home and is now his full Spirit body. It's always amazing to me how we percieve the same thing as we all evolve and experience this precious life in these precious "in the now moments" ( I clearly type run-ons and I "am my father's daughter" lol). I cherish the wisdom of my late father in this video. I can hear him, feel him and see his wisdom speaking as I watch this video. It speaks clearly of my intentions for sharing our stories together in a tipi surrounded by the love our Mother Earth. My dad always said " Feel it in your heart, not your head" and " Love and Gratitude" were felt with intention. He wrote those words on the plant food he and our Creator invented together. His intention was to be a major contributor to helping heal our Mother Earth. I intend to carry his messsage into our traveling tipi hearts and Love Is Our Map.. Love you Dad!

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