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Water and intention

There's a bottle my beloved carries with him. It is filled with his love and intention. And I was so happy when he forgot his water bottle that day he came to visit... He reminded me to feel first with intention and then drink from those waters. "If 70% of your body is water and water has the ability to absorb intentions, then you have the power to increase your vibration via the water you drink." Not that I didn't feel gratitude before his bottle marked with loving intent was left here but it sure was fun to have a little nudge of happy intent each time I drank from it. Intention is the power, the stickers my reminder. So I bought myself some water love~ elixer bottles in colors that felt good and found "Wheels of Life". I absolutely enjoyed getting this little package sealed with love all the way from Australia. I could feel Katrina's ( owner of Wheels of Life) love sealed into the symbols. And feeling the actual seal on her envelope was beautiful. I can feel the energy and fire put into her passion. It's beautiful to feel others celebrating the gifts Mother Earth provides us with, water being a big one.. We are connected to her by it after all. ;) With gratitude to the souls walking with so much intention and love for our existence. If you would like to purchase from Katrina here is her link

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