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This is my first blog ever! I would like to call it a story "plearning" ( pleasure and learning) experience! I am busy updating the new website for our community of HeartWaves. I am grateful to all your hearts for being so patient with me as I transition into our new space! In the coming months I will be adding my new dream to this site. Tipi Retreats! It is so important to me to share our stories. We all have a heart story to tell and being in nature is one of our greatest teachers and healers. Tipi retreats will be filled with story, yoga, dance, music, nature and LOVE! I will be traveling where Love takes me. The pyramid logo you see below is something I've been creating for a while. If you'd like to purchase a t-shirt or sweathshirt with our new logo let me know! Happy HeartWaves to you!

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