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I love it when something new sparks the " artist within".. I truly believe we are all artists. I was created by one after all ;). Recently my friend Tom sent me some sweet pics while in Sedona, AZ... His spark "a new camera", a new lens to see our world through. To me, a new lens is like getting to share and remember moments in time ignited by creation, viewed by you, viewer through the lens reflection.... It was so much fun to feel his excitement and witness this excitement in his pics.. His new camera sparked his creator within and the pics have been a joy to feel and see. Seeing through his lens is the magic of getting to see what is happening in moments that I exist in too. I love that all these moment of life are happening and someone out there in their moment is witnessing life in a whole other perspective. WOW! I know I can't take all the pictures I take or see "with me when I go" but oh, how I enjoy seeing moments of creation through the creators here on Earth... All these moments are a memory for my heart to take in... Thank you Tom Dyrdal for sharing your view with me! In~ JOY My pic perspective.. #1 JOY! #2 Cactus Face #3Wave #4Bells Ringing #5 Shadow Walk :) Share your perspectives in the comments below. Let your view tell your story.. Aloha!

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